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when do we go to church?

Why do new generations feel little need to go to church?

I think with the modern era's freedom of spirituality we are loosing the desire to bring it back to a dogmatic church or a church that fails to rise above the political and man-made trivialities within it and associated to it. After all a Christian church that does so associates itself with increase of AIDs in africa, sexual assault of children, the suppression of women, and of those having a different sexuality, the denial of darwinism, the belief in a flat earth, crusades of the middle ages, and so forth… The churches have to go further than just losing these man-made affiliations.

The church needs to return to being there as a spiritual facilitator for the individual and as a helping hand for community growth. It is sitting on a great scripture and source of wisdom so it must take its responsibility to make this accessible to all in our modern era, not just those few whom are up to date with their religious-membership.

Even if people don't go to the library any more - it does not mean that the classics are no longer being read.

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