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Tips when dealing with Oracle TARs & Support

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Tips when dealing with Oracle TARs & Support

Here are some things I learnt from experience when dealing with Oracle support:

  • divide your comment/updates into 3 seperate posts. The status of the TAR goes to 'Immediate Response Required',
  • be prepared to wait 3 days between replies for priority 2 TARs,
  • install RDA, and keep a copy of it's output for each server machine, and submit this with each TAR,
  • ring your local oracle office and hassle hassle hassle (it does help alot!),
  • create your TAR after 18:00 GMT and it gets assigned to an American support member, they are substantially more skilled, helpful, and polite than support in other countries (i've heard some good reasons why but that's a story for another day),
  • enter priority 1 issues, and be expected to answer the phone 24 hrs/day, if you need a simple answer in a hurry this is often a good way to go, otherwise you could be waiting weeks.
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