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Oracle Support?

Want to see just how far your money to Oracle Support goes?
Here's a basic question:
With a basic one line answer:
  • opmn:ormi://localhost:6003:home/HelloEJB
but it took Oracle 4 months to find this answer!!! and over 1300 words of support to client dialogue to figure it out! Read >>the first TAR and >>the second TAR for yourself.
Even after all this it still doesn't work, and we went with >>openjms instead.

Oracle Competence?

Just in case you're still doubting Oracle's competence in the Java arena have a look at their >>Application Server Best Practices documentation.
Particularly >>2.3 Monitor and Fix Resource Leaks which reads:
One way to fix resource leaks is straightforward - a periodic restart. It provides good protection against slow resource leaks.
WTF? you must be kidding me!
This documentation is now a year or more out of date, and the above advice no longer appears in the current documentation…

Something good to say?

Well yes, to be fair in all regards, and now that I've vented my steam…
Oracle has an excellent stance against software patenting. They do have one very vaguely defined patent on the concept of a web portal (CMS). Indeed it is so vague it wouldn't surprise me if it was a joke.

Another good thing is Oracle Webcache implementation for the open protocol of Edge-Side-Includes which provides an excellent solution to partial page caching. I wrote an article about it >>here.
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